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Tick Off Waterless Shampoo

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Why choose our products?

When it comes to choosing the ingredients for our products, we are extremely picky and non-compromising. We go beyond the borders of our country to pick only the finest of ingredients. Our products are developed to delivered the best experiences for your dog regardless of breed, gender or age.

Papa Pawsome is committed to making the world a better place to live in for the pets, as well as for the hoomans. With this notion in mind, our products are made from 100% natural ingredients to guarantee our canine friends a healthy and nutritional lifestyle. Natural ingredients in grooming products reduce the likeliness of itching, rashness and restlessness. They are more suited to help protect the soft fur and coat from the harmful UV rays and soothe the irritated skin, allowing your doggo to spend a joyful time at the beach or the park.


Parabens in shampoos are usually the cause of your furry friend’s scalp irritation and fur shedding. Papa Pawsome is therefore 100% invested in endorsing paraben-free products keeping in mind its nutritional and beneficial properties. Paraben-free products help reduce and control shedding while at the same time nourishing the coat, making it healthier and strong. Papa Pawsome’s paraben-free shampoos also clean the fur and coat, thereby ensuring a tick-less coat with which your doggo can happily chase sparrows and squirrels stress-free.


Silicone free products are the go-to solution for your pet’s ultimate health and skincare. They are vital in moisturising your pet’s coat while hydrating the fur and retaining the natural oils in the scalp. For our furry little friends who treat baths as a battle-zone, cleansing sessions using silicone-free products will now only require less frequent washing as the natural oil balance is restored. Papa Pawsome endorses silicone-free products to ensure the best time for your pet while not having to worry about fur tangling or shedding.


The inclusion of harmful chemicals in health and skin care products is more likely to result in allergic reactions, inflammations and irritations, which will dampen your pet’s mood as well as yours. Chemicals, in the long-run, have harmful repercussions on your furry friend’s coat. Therefore, Papa Pawsome does not endorse the use of any harmful chemicals in the manufacturing of our products and is fully committed to a sustainable and eco-friendly environment. Our products are thereby free from harmful chemicals and toxins, ensuring a healthy environment for your healthy pupper.


Although producing desirable scents, artificial fragrances are a mixture of petroleum or crude oil chemicals that are neither eco-friendly nor pet-friendly. The inclusion of harmful toxins in artificial fragrances causes skin irritation, allergies and rashes, hindering your furry friend’s fun playtime. Papa Pawsome products, therefore, use a blend of natural oils and extracts to provide therapeutic aroma and fragrance, keeping your doggo safe from harmful toxins and relaxed.


At Papa Pawsome, we value our little furry friends and have their best interests at heart. With such a notion instilled in our DNA, Papa Pawsome products are strictly cruelty-free resulting in healthier grooming products for your pet’s holistic care. Not only are our products eco-friendly, but we are also wholly committed to using sustainable and natural ingredients, thereby helping save animals and being a greener option.


Papa Pawsome understands the needs of your furry friends like no other. Is your doggo having trouble with their hyperactivity and anxiety? Well, look no further. Papa Pawsome products, blended with 100% pure essential oils, help your pet smell great, reduce stress and treat fungal infections. The oils are sourced from their own natural habitat and are concentrated extracts with therapeutic effects to provide your doggo with the best medicinal and recreational solution. With the natural goodness of essential oils by your side, your doggo can wave goodbye to the constant itching and scratching and enjoy a blessed day with you.


SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate) is a harsh synthetic detergent and foaming agent that corrodes and produces a rich lather for intense cleansing. Despite being a component in human shampoos, it is deeply problematic to our furry friends, often resulting in skin irritancy, rashness and redness rendering their playful day gloomy. It is also a source of allergies and eczema. Therefore, we at Papa Pawsome use SLS free products to ensure quality care to your canine customers. Our 100% natural shampoos are blended with biodegradable and non-harmful ingredients resulting in a stress-free, itch-free and happy environment.


About Papa Pawsome

Papa Pawsome offers a range of natural spa and grooming products. Our goal is to be the most trusted brand for pet products in the world.

Our products are completely free from harmful chemicals such as Sulfates, Parabens, Silicones and artificial fragrances. Made with only the best of ingredients, our products are non-irritant, ultra-mild and safe to lick. The soothing aroma of essential oil blends further help your dog relax.

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