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Ever caught your cat gracing an imaginary ramp and flaunting their stylish ‘catwalk’ when they thought you weren’t looking? If you haven’t yet, worry not! With Mama Meow Soft Kitty Shampoo with Conditioner, your glamorous kitty enjoys the ultimate bath experience, making their fur silky smooth and shiny and ready to grace the big stages.

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Mama Meow Soft Kitty Shampoo with Conditioner is the best natural solution suitable for all types of cat coats to be at their absolute best; shiny, smooth and nourished. Infused with the natural goodness of unique essential oils and formulated extracts, our delicate silicone-free shampoo moisturises the fur and leaves it smelling heavenly.


  1. Mild cleansing and nourishing agent leaves your cat’s coat smooth and pleasant smelling.
  2. Tear-free and hassle-free bath experiences for your cat’s baby-like skin and fur.
  3. Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties guard your feline friends from rashes, infections and dryness.
  4. Silicone-free shampoo that completely cleanses your cat’s coat and does not leave any harmful deposits.

100% Natural-Blend Ingredients:

  1. Jojoba Oil, Argan Oil, Aloe Extract, Purified Water, Ylang Ylang Essential Oil
  2. Moisturising quality of Aloe Vera Extracts nourishes and shields the coat from dryness and infections.
  3. Antiseptic properties of Ylang Ylang Essential Oils heal any cuts, rashes or infections caused by dry skin, keeping the coat healthy and replenished.

How to Use/ Directions:

Wet your cat’s coat with water at a mild temperature. Apply shampoo on the coat and work it into a rich and creamy lather. Leave the shampoo on for 5-10 mins, then rinse and dry the coat. For best results, use Mama Meow Smooth Kitty Detangling Serum afterwards for a tangle-free and shiny coat.

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