Shine O' Pup Tear-Free Shampoo with Conditioner for Dog, 100 ml


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Delicately designed for your pup’s sensitive skins and needs, Shine O’ Pup Tear Free Shampoo with Conditioner improves the coat strength and shine while providing a soothing sensation. Made with the mildest natural ingredients to ensure tear-free baths, our shampoo helps strengthen the bones and joints and nourishes the coat. Infused with tear-free ingredients and essential oils, the mild Shine O’ Pup Tear Free Shampoo with Conditioner relaxes even the feistiest of pets during bath, leaving them beautifully scented and clean for days and even for weeks!

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Shine O’ Pup Tear-Free Shampoo with Conditioner is made with 100% natural active ingredients to give your puppy the ultimate tear-free and mild bath experience. Formulated with the best nature has to offer, our shampoo cleanses the puppy, promotes coat strength and shine. The mild shampoo promotes strengthening the bones and joints. It effectively hydrates the coat and restores the coat’s natural oils. Energise your pupper with our safe, effective and natural shampoo.


  1. Ultra mild shampoo delicately tends to your puppy’s sensitive skin, making the coat soft and shiny.
  2. Tear-free formulation will ensure hassle-free baths for your puppy, leaving them energised and playful throughout the day.
  3. Turns bath time into playtime, effectively cleansing and relaxing your puppy.
  4. Therapeutic essential oils restore the coat’s natural oils leaving the coat shiny and smelling heavenly.

100% Natural-Blend Ingredients: 

Jojoba Oil, Argan Oil, Aloe Extract, Purified Water, Ylang Ylang Essential Oil.

How to Use/ Direction:

Wet your dog’s coat with water at a mild temperature. Apply shampoo on the coat and work it into a rich and creamy lather. Leave the shampoo on for 5-10 mins, then rinse and dry the coat. For best results, use Rub Your Pup Massage Oil before shampoo and Soft & Shine Silicone-Free Detangling Fur Serum afterwards. Suitable for dogs aged 6 weeks and above.

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